A completely integrated solution which brings together the Office 365 state of the  art tools for productivity with advanced security functions and management of devices to protect your business. Discover the integrated Microsoft 365 solution and it’s incredible characteristics: increase your companies productivity thanks to the intelligent tools integrated in office, collaborate more effectively and keep in touch with all the stakeholders, protect your company data, simplify the lives of your employees while guaranteeing maximum productivity. 

Office 365 – Your Office available anywhere

At the office, on the go or at home, office 365 offers the entire range of state-of-the-art tools for productivity. All applications are constantly updated to the most recent version and allow you to create, modify and share content from PC or Mac or from mobile iOS, Android or Windows devices with whoever you need and in real time. 

Every user will have one terabyte of filing space so that they can always have all of their files under control. The sharing capabilities have been maximised: every file will be available online and shareable with people inside and outside the organisation, wherever they may be and any time necessary. 

Increase your control even more thanks to the integrated privacy functions and two greater transparency and sophisticated user controls.

Windows 10 – from an operating system to an integrated ecosystem 

Windows 10 is no longer just an operating system but it has by now become a real ecosystem, complete with software and hardware, that stands out thanks to fluid, simple and intuitive user experience on all devices. Among the strong points of Windows 10 are innovative functions and a complete range of tools, on a professional and consumer level. 

Windows 10 is an incredible synthesis of the traditional Windows operating systems and the most recent technological innovations No longer just an operating system for PC: the whole system was designed to allow you to work passing from one device to the other with great fluidity, from a tablet to a notebook all the way to a smart phone. 

EMS – A tool that can protect all the devices used in a company 

With Enterprise Mobility Suite you can manage desktop computers, smart phones, tablets and laptops with a single system that also deals with user credentials, applications and security. Everything from a single position. 

Thanks to Azure Active Directory you cannot only have a Windows dominion for the local network but also integrate thousands of apps with a single set of credentials. All the applications, which by now are common to modern day companies, will appear at the exact moment in which they are opened, without the need to insert the password again. 

The protection of company information is maximised, simple and quick: the tool will allow or prohibit, according to company needs, the sharing, sending via email, connection and the copy of files marked as belonging to the company. 

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4wardPRO will accompany you through all the process, before, during and after the project with tools methodologies and highly qualified and specialise staff in on boarding, change management and drive adoption to minimise the impact of the migration and obtain the most possible benefit, including maximum return on investment. 


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