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Your guide for the digital revolution 

To overcome the challenge of keeping your company flexible and competitive you must take advantage of the new operative and business models of the digital revolution undertaking a change of processes, organisational models, mindset and work tools. 

Thanks to the experience and the skills required to guide this evolutionary process, we can support your training programs as well as adoption and Change Management. 


Source Bankitalia
Number of companies that have adopted remote working
Source University of Virginia
Time dedicated to teamwork during a day
Source Microsoft
Number of devices per user compared to 5 years ago

Take on the change with Change Management, Adoption and Learning

We guide you through the change process with training for your resources and a Change Management process which helps you to reach better levels of adoption of the implemented technologies and, consequently, a batter return on investment. 

Thanks to our mix of Change Management, Adoption and Learning you can improve: 

  • Employee experience & productivity 
  • Talent acquisition & retention 
  • Technical & Soft Skills 
  • Cybersecurity awareness

4wardPRO method

Change Management
With Change Management you can understand the mechanisms to respect the budget, reach objectives and respect timing, effectively managing resistance to change.
We offer training tools and courses that can help prepare people to adopt continuously evolving technologies. In this way you continue to support company growth.
We support your resources using different learning styles to acquire new technical and transversal skills in an intelligent and integrated way.

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Certifications and Awards

  • Microsoft Best Public Sector Partner Award | 2021

  • Microsoft Cloud For Good Bronze Award | 2020

  • Microsoft Automotive Partner Of The Year Finalist Award | 2019

  • Best Microsoft Co-sell Partner Of The Year Award | 2018

  • Microsoft Country Partner Of The Year Italy | 2012 - 2013

  • Adoption & Change Management Advanced Specialization

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