A single solution to manage all local and cloud infrastructure 

Operations Management Suite is the right solution for cloud-based IT that allows you to manage, maintaining a very high level of security, your local and cloud infrastructure. The maximum integration with System Centre components allows you to take advantage of the almost complete hybrid management experience, as well as giving you the opportunity to make the investment operative in a brief time and with low infrastructure costs, extending all existing management investments to the cloud. 

Insight and Analytics

Collect, optimise, cross reference and use all the performance data generated by operating systems and applications. View all the data through an interactive personalised dashboard or through advanced research functions directly integrated into the solution so that you can obtain operative information in real time and analyse the workload and server records, regardless of the geographical position.

Protection and recovery

The Azure cloud backup allows you to protect data and conserve it for years without the need to make expensive investments in infrastructure which can be subject to obsolescence and have high maintenance costs. Business continuity can always be maintained thanks to the incredible response speed to issues; Azure Site Recovery allows emergency recovery by dealing with the replication operations, failover and virtual machine and physical server recovery.

Security and conformity 

The Log Analytics function allows you to analyse the log data and the agent system configuration, guaranteeing support to to environment security and allowing you to identify, evaluate and reduce all security risks for the entire infrastructure. OMS allows you to: 

  • Collect data and analyse the security events in the manage systems to identify suspicious activities 
  • Evaluate the anti-malware protection status of the managed systems 
  • Optimise security updates, controlling systems that require the application of new patches

Why 4wardPRO

4wardPRO has acquired considerable experience in the design, implementation, management and automation of Data centres working on complex and geographically varied projects as well as for the main Italian hosters. Thanks to this experience we have created with Dell a self-installing hybrid cloud system that can be installed without any specific knowhow in less than two hours thanks to a wizard created by 4wardPRO, this is Cloud in-a-box. We have also developed an approach to the cloud for the modern data centre to improve workloads or optimise hybrid architectures; a similar method was furthermore solely dedicated to workloads and is based on RedHat on Azure.

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