The perfect platform for optimising the management and distribution of services and solutions 

A single platform that allows companies to create distribute and manage services and solutions without the need for investment in hardware and software and keeping management expenses to a minimum. The activation of the service is quick thanks to the self-service on demand use, the scalability is maximum so you can use only the resources you need at the exact moment in which you need them with highly effective performance. 

Microsoft Azure – Extraordinary productivity

Your ideas quickly become solutions by choosing the development tool that you prefer and using any language (including Node.js, Java and .NET) and rapidly distributing all the apps so as to simplify the development life cycle. Manage applications regardless of the size or the complexity, automate all the activities which require time and speed up the distribution reducing the development errors. 

Go beyond a simple connection to the data centre via cloud: the local environments and the cloud function effectively in all the organisation; the developers will increase productivity thanks to a common approach to the creation of applications and the incredible flexibility of local or on cloud distribution thanks to Azure Stack; and users will see their productivity increases thanks to Azure Active Directory search for cloud and local applications. 

Azure IoT Hub – Streamline your operations

Azure IoT can be used in a very wide variety of ways to guide operative efficiency. By connecting and monitoring the health of your assets, you can monitor the performance, identify the progressive maintenance needs, and set the alerts for the right moment. Having sensors and data ready means that the company can reduce unexpected disservices, maintain business continuity, and keep the clients happy. 
IoT Hub there is a critical role in helping automated processes which were previously time intensive. Many companies use sensors to monitor equipment using a digital dashboard and supply automatic alerts with specific troubleshooting steps, saving time and money.

Azure AI – Always available Artificial Intelligence 

An open and flexible platform to offer your team, including a complete array of productivity tools required for the management and writing of code for artificial intelligence. Create, test and distribute your solutions for Deep Learning, predictive analytics and Machine Learning. 

Take advantage of all the intelligence functions on your large-size dataset using the most common frameworks for Deep Learning. All of this while working on a platform that guarantees complete support. 

Or to make the operations that take up too much time, speed up distribution of the apps and eliminate errors. 

Why 4wardPRO

4wardPRO helps you fully structure the cloud potential based on your specific needs: whether you have to revise and innovate applications or infrastructures, structure data to create value and improve decision-making processes or digitalise your business, we can guide you along the most suitable pathway for your needs. 



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