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In a modern company, IT is a catalyst for innovation and a pillar for business growth, but the complex management of technology, of the cloud and security today can be an issue. 

Thanks to 4wardPRO manage services, you will be able to obtain the most benefit from the digital transformation of your company, allowing you to become more flexible and create value thanks to technology, without the burden of managing it and the obligation for continuous update regarding the most promising technical, infrastructure and security evolutions. 

Our experts or at your disposal to ensure maximum technological support and allow you to concentrate solely on your business.


Source Forrester Total Economic Impact of Managed Services
Downtime of company applications
Source Forrester Total Economic Impact of Managed Services
Increase in productivity of the IT team
Source Forrester Total Economic Impact of Managed Services
Increase in ROI in 3 years

The management to us and the business to you

Speed up the digital transformation process of your company thanks to the expertise of our specialists, at your disposal and as an integration to your IT team. 

We ensure constant training of our dedicated staff and continuous updates on innovative technological trends, offering you know-how that is difficult to acquire and maintain internally. 

By trusting us with the complex task of managing the infrastructure and technologies implemented, indeed, your IT team can become a real added resource for your business.

4wardPRO method

Avoid credential theft by simplifying the management of digital identities.
Neutralise the risks arising from the increase in number of devices that access your company data with a faster more secure and centralised management.
Business Continuity
Protect your operating system and company data against events of any nature: guaranteed continuity of service, zero loss of data and compliance with governing norms.
Adopt a modern and advanced approach to security so that you can respond proactively to the growing number of hacker attacks.
Modern Workplace
Make the most of your collaboration and communication tools, with everywhere – every device access total security.
C&C Infra
Monitor your applications, increasing the capacity for elaboration and filing as a service also using the off-line ones remotely quickly and easily.

Success case

Certifications and Awards

  • Microsoft Best Public Sector Partner Award | 2021

  • Microsoft Cloud For Good Bronze Award | 2020

  • Microsoft Automotive Partner Of The Year Finalist Award | 2019

  • Best Microsoft Co-sell Partner Of The Year Award | 2018

  • Microsoft Country Partner Of The Year Italy | 2012 - 2013

  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

  • Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization

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