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Technology is increasingly important for business development and for company success. Flexible productive and innovative companies base their operations on the cloud to manage business, work and connections with clients in a new way. 

Thanks to the 4wardPRO method and support, manage technology in the best way, investing in the right direction, leveraging state of the art applications, benefiting from a solid and secure infrastructure and then affective cost model.


Source CDC
Increase in profitability for companies that have updated Cloud Infrastructure
Source Gartner
Companies that buy this year will have a Cloud or hybrid IT strategy
Source RightScale
Companies in the tech sector that use multi cloud infrastructure

The new model of Cloud Infrastructure

We have re-visited the governance technologies and processes to allow you to better Leveridge the potential and protect your company from the risk of data loss or hacker attacks, making it able to adapt and face the frequent market and/or technological changes. 

For this reason we have completely redesigned Cloud Infrastructure, thanks to a tried and tested model, so you can get the most in terms of scalability, cost control and flexibility.

4wardPRO method

Modern Networking
Our approach to Modern Networking is based on the design and implementation of secure, integrated and controlled network architectures.
Business Continuity
We can administer the implementation and monitoring of the infrastructure as a managed service, thus becoming a real extension of your internal IT team.
Application Lifecycle Management
From the initial concept to the end of its life, we guarantee a linear and proactive development of your company application.
Datacenter Evolution
We transform data centres to obtain maximum performance, flexibility and scalability, thanks to cloud, hybrid and or hyper converged infrastructures and the automation of activities.
Lift and Shift
Migrate infrastructures and applications to the cloud in a simple manner, reducing the impact for your users and taking the most possible advantage from the potential offered by the cloud.
Governance, Compliance & Cost Control
Optimise the management of your resources, keeping under control the variable costs which are typical of the cloud, predicting, identifying and responding to security threats without neglecting compliance.
Security by Design & by Default
Solve the complexity of the server system security forever: we will help you to identify and respond to any security threat, regardless of the geographical location.

Success case

Certifications and awards

  • Microsoft Best Public Sector Partner Award | 2021

  • Microsoft Cloud For Good Bronze Award | 2020

  • Microsoft Automotive Partner Of The Year Finalist Award | 2019

  • Microsoft Open Source Applications & Infrastructure On Azure Finalist Award | 2018

  • Best Microsoft Co-sell Partner Of The Year Award | 2018

  • Azure Open Source Partner Award | 2016

  • Cloud Os Partner Of The Year | 2011 – 2012 - 2014

  • Microsoft Country Partner Of The Year Italy | 2012 - 2013

  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

  • Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization

  • Gold Project and Portfolio Management

  • Gold Cloud Platform

  • Gold Datacenter

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