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Use technology to evolve your business 

In a world where technology is increasingly all around us, you need innovative technological solutions that use the power of data and create a competitive advantage, giving new opportunities to face the challenges of the market and reach business objectives. 

In 4wardPRO we help companies modernise, supporting them in their digital transformation pathway and giving them the tools to automate internal processes and the production of new goods and services. 


Source Clusit
Company applications with AI by 2021
Source Hosting Tribunal
The percentage of workloads migrated to Cloud Data Centres
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Profit increase with a data-driven approach

Speed up the digital transformation of your company

Make your company more competitive thanks to the intelligent redesign and automation of corporate processes.

Thanks to our methodology obtain new value from legacy systems and develop flexibility and effectiveness through innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence. 

4wardPRO method

Application Lifecycle Management
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the process we used to manage application lifecycles, from the initial concept all the way to the end of its life, using different frameworks and methodologies, including IMSA, DevOps and Agile.
Application Modernization Framework
We modernise company applications and migrate them to the cloud to improve the security and take advantage of the opportunities of innovation. Thanks to this model, the technical logical gap is overcome automatically and quickly.
Robotic Process Automation & Business Process Management
Thanks to the RPA and BPM tools, we transform your company’s processes by digitalising the analogical ones and integrating legacy systems with levels of automation that can be complete, modern, safe, scalable and monitorable.

Success case

Certifications and awards

  • Microsoft Best Public Sector Partner Award | 2021

  • Microsoft Cloud For Good Bronze Award | 2020

  • Microsoft Automotive Partner Of The Year Finalist Award | 2019

  • Microsoft Open Source Applications & Infrastructure On Azure Finalist Award | 2018

  • Best Microsoft Co-sell Partner Of The Year Award | 2018

  • Microsoft Country Partner Of The Year Italy | 2012 - 2013

  • Microsoft Application Lifecycle Partner Of The Year | Dal 2009 Al 2013

  • Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

  • Gold Application Integration

  • Gold DevOps

  • Gold Data Analytics

  • Gold Data Platform

  • Gold Application Development

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