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Security is a requirement that must not be underestimated  

In an increasingly digitalise business world, protecting your identity, your data, your systems and applications is a priority for companies in any sector. The lack of a suitable level of attention to security puts the company at serious risk. 

In 4wardPRO, we have an objective: to offer you our experience and specialised skills to identify your needs and guide do you along the pathway that leads to an excellent security posture. 


Source Clusit
Increase in global cyber-attacks compare to the previous year
Source Clusit
Increase in cyber espionage, sabotage and cyber warfare attacks
Source Clusit
Increase in serious online attacks in the last four years

Intelligent Security, the evolution of digital protection

For the defence of your company, adopt an innovative approach to cyber security that uses artificial intelligence both for protection and for the identification of attempted attacks. 

Identify the weak points of technologies, infrastructures and applications, but also those in social engineering, which you can intervene on to improve your security posture. 

We start from the integration and interaction of the different technologies implemented, regardless of the application or the protected service. 

Our approach is not based on on premise technologies but exploits all the benefits of the cloud for a effective protection of your company and includes all the specific Managed Services, with the aim of using the effort of your internal IT team as well as the monitoring and the management of the security infrastructure 

We at 4wardPRO will support you with a 360° approach to the evolution of your security level. 

4wardPRO method

Security Awareness
Drastically lower the risk of hacker attacks by preparing users to recognise and identify cyber risks.
Identity Protection
Resolve critical issues relating to identity and access credential theft thanks two simplified an adaptive governance
Endpoint Protection
Adopt an integrated control and manage remotely the security of your company fixed and mobile devices
Data Protection
Protect your data from legal or reputational compromise, loss or damage
Infrastructure Protection
Ensure rapid response capability to threats to infrastructure and limit any vulnerability

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Certifications and Awards

  • Microsoft Best Public Sector Partner Award | 2021

  • Microsoft Security & Cloud Protection Gold Award | 2020 - 2021

  • Microsoft Cloud For Good Bronze Award | 2020

  • Microsoft Automotive Partner Of The Year Finalist Award | 2019

  • Best Microsoft Co-sell Partner Of The Year Award | 2018

  • Microsoft Country Partner Of The Year Italy | 2012 - 2013

  • Threat Protection Advanced Specialization

  • Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialization

  • Information Protection and Governance Advanced Specialization

  • Gold Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Gold Security

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