The approach to Digital Transformation can easily be considered an industrial revolution applied to the 21st-century for the importance of the changes. Companies are changing their production which tends to be less mass distribution and more personalised on the needs of their customers. Thanks to technology, for the first time, companies can take the opportunity to participate in international systems of innovation, design, production and services which are changing the nature of markets and processes. 


When full effectiveness is reached experiences products and services that are perfectly tailor-made for the customer must be created. The effort to optimise procedures, streamlined and perfected thanks to information, not only reduces costs, but also allows us to find end users and create brand loyalty as well as finding various partners in the production ecosystem. 


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The manufacturing sector, with the introduction of industry 4.0, is one of the areas that can most benefit from a digital revision of existing business models leading to an optimisation of installations, resources and processes.
Production data is a precious resource which every company must learn to appreciate. Thanks to the Cloud, to Business Intelligence and Machine Learning, today we can extract and correlate data, increasing productivity, optimising costs and creating new services.

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Thanks to our collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino university and Finservice we can offer you our consultation, following you from drafting to certification for your research and development projects which are eligible for company incentives offered by the Ministry for economic development to support innovation.

Grace Murray Hopper, a pioneer of IT innovation said: “the most dangerous phrase in the English language is ‘I have always done it this way’”. The improvement of internal company processes always passes through phases of more or less intense stress, but, once this obstacle has been overcome, it is the members of the staff themselves who look around searching for further ways to improve. Digital Transformation passes through smart working and the cloud. By 2020 producers will earn 20% more in post-sales revenue using product quality methods and services to improve customer experience.

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