The digital transformation of the financial system will allow access to a growing number of people to the services of the sector and will guarantee the reconfiguration of the value chain of products so as to adapt to clients in an increasingly effective way. 


The industry will have to be constantly connected and relevant for its clients, increasingly trying to better understand them, using the transactional and social data available, and will have to change the currently existing products as well as distribution and communication strategies so as to adapt to an increasingly digital environment. 


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How we can help you

For over 15 years 4wardPRO has been designing evolved solutions for the finance sector. In particular, thanks to significant international experience, we have acquired in-depth skills in the creation of innovative projects relating to digital payments.
Whether your needs are referred to design, implementation or infrastructure or application management, our experts will be able to help you not only from a technical point of you, but also with support on specific issues such as PCI/DSS, ISO8583, integration with payment systems (POS) as well as cloud solutions also for the banking sector.

What solutions can we offer?


Intelligent Totem

Thanks to the use of interconnected digital totems, you can speed up and simplify services to clients in branches. This is not only applicable to the more basic level interactions but also for more complex information. The latter can be managed by operators remotely thanks to the virtual communication systems 

  • Effectiveness 
  • Productivity 
  • More satisfied clients 

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Internet Of Things

While in the manufacturing sector the use of IOT technologies is increasingly widespread, there are still many companies in the finance sector who have not understood all of the advantages, according to a recent study by Statista however, the whole sector will be dealing with a rapid adoption of technologies in the coming years. The research shows that around 80% of finance companies will be taking advantage of IOT. 


What are the main advantages? 

  • Improving transparency 
  • Creating automated trading and investment activities 
  • Improving the security of the transactions 
  • Improving customer service

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Alkalima Digital Include

In a context such as the one we are living in we cannot underestimate the cultural difficulties, especially referring to language barriers, that foreigners (almost 8% of the population) have to deal with as they interact with the main service providers from banks to insurance companies, passing by public administrations and hospitals. 

With the aim of improving social inclusion and bringing the institutions closer to the citizens that need more help, we have created a Digital Include solution which, thanks to innovative technologies such as Cognitive Services and Machine Learning, can overcome cultural and linguistic barriers.

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We can do more

Thanks to our collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino University and Finservice, we can offer you our consultancy following you through the certification for your research and development projects which can be funded by incentives offered by the Ministry for Economic Development to support innovation. 

The financial sector must change and face the digital transformation so as not to disappear. This will mean automating processes and reducing human intervention, so as to free the necessary capital to fuel the innovation of the organisation. 

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