Public administration has to deal with the Digital Transformation process that will lead it from analogue operational models to completely digitalised ones. However, most public administrations are still quite far back in the process: apart from a few rare exceptions, the whole sector suffers from a lack of innovation despite the fact the public administration is one of the most important potential beneficiaries of a positive approach to Digital Transformation. 

Furthermore, a change of perspective is needed: the more mature organisations have already started putting their service users at the centre of their strategies. This change of focus will have to guarantee to citizens and companies safe and guaranteed access to digital services. Digital innovation must be seen as a public investment that can lead to influential results straight away with regard to services and quality of life. 


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Technology has gone a long way in redfining people’s habits in the private and professional sector. In light of this, modern public adminstrations have no choice but to digitally innovate their services to close the GAP between citizens and the institutions. 4wardPRO has always collaborated with local and central public adminstrations to bring innovation in processes and internal and external tools for cizitens.

We have migrated important public administrations to the cloud, we have helped to optimize data centres thanks to Azure, revise Productivity tools thanks to Microsoft 365, implemented Smart Working models, introduced healthcare systems for diagnostic filing for images and used cognitive services to support helpdesk activities  with solution also for social inclusion  Cassa depositi e prestiti, ATM, Comune di Milano, Azienda Sanitaria dell’Alto Adige, Università di Pisa, LUISS, Azienda Ospedaliera Papa Giovanni XXIII are just a few of our clients.



All 4wardPRO solutions are in the MEPA catalog for Public administrations

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Alkalima Digital Include

In a context such as the one we are living in we cannot underestimate the cultural difficulties, especially regarding language, that foreigners (almost 8% of the population) face in dealing with service providers, from banks to insurances, passing through public administrations and hospitals 

With the aim of improving social inclusion and bringing institutions closer to the citizens that need more help, we have created a Digital Include solution which, thanks to innovative technologies such as Cognitive Services and Machine Learning can overcome cultural and linguistic barriers.

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IoT Intelligent Tracking Tags

An innovative IoT system for geo localisation, control and interaction which can be adapted to any situation. The tool allows the localisation and monitoring of hospital, retirement home and health institute patients to help secure the subjects’ safety. Incredibly useful for certain illnesses thanks to the possibility, for example, to activate or block doors, but also to monitor falls thanks to the three-axis localisation. 

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Hybrid Storage for image diagnostics

A completely managed solution for hybrid storage based on the subdivision of data with reference to the frequency of use, that offers all the storage capacity you need, at reduced costs for the company. Unlimited storage, disaster recovery and integrated backup, with lower investment in hardware and reducing running costs.  

The ideal solution in the Healthcare field to support the storage of image diagnostics. 

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Thanks to our collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino university and Finservice we can offer you our consultation, following you from drafting to certification for your research and development projects which are eligible for company incentives offered by the Ministry for economic development to support innovation. 

Public Administrations will have to act following a clear and specific strategy aimed at a radical transformation of organisational models and processes to reduce costs, improve customer experience and to set the scene for the Digital Transformation of the sector. The new technologies will not only allow us to reach a more effective system, but also to reduce the distance between Public administrations and the citizens, to simplify access to service and restart the economy.

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