The Retail sector has always been based on a mix of tradition and innovation. Times, however, are changing and the whole sector is going through a transformation phase that is completely changing the way to deal with the market. 

The consumer is constantly on the lookout for real-time experiences and product personalisation that retailers must be able to guarantee. The focus will have to change, they will have to pass from the sale of simple products to offering an experience that the customers will have at the moment of their purchase of goods and services. 

Digital solutions are welcome as they transform what was a simple purchase into unique, customised and customisable experience and, at the same time, guarantee new possibilities for the retailer. 


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Chatbots, apps, artificial intelligence, these today are the technologies that we need to design innovative retail solutions, space that is no longer just about sales, but allows you to get to know and create loyalty in your clients, offering an innovative, multichannel and personalised purchasing experience.
The approach to sales and brand value can be completely reinvented thanks to innovative solutions and integrated technologies such as IoT, beaconing, captive portals, mobile and Webb applications. These are solutions that can attract new clients, add value to the sales experience and integrate into the digital online strategies.

What solutions can we offer?


Cognitive Services

Inserting intelligent algorithms in your mobile applications, in websites and in chat bots will allow you to establish a preferential pathway with your public, thanks to which you can observe, listen, speak, understand and interpret the needs of the users, offer a customer experience of great value or interact and inform through natural communication methods. Transform your business now with artificial intelligence.

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Intelligent Totems

Thanks to the use of intelligent interconnected totems you can speed up and simplify the interaction with clients in retail points. Thanks to behaviour recognition technology you can analyse the attitudes of clients and optimise spaces according to their more common buying habits. 

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Thanks to our collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino university and Finservice we can offer you our consultation, following you from drafting to certification for your research and development projects which are eligible for company incentives offered by the Ministry for economic development to support innovation. 

Applying Digital Transformation to the retail sector means using data and new technologies to create an interesting purchasing experience, in and out of stores, to guarantee customer satisfaction and increase sales. The objective is to pass from a product centred strategy to a customer centred one, from effectiveness to flexibility and personalisation, from optimisation to inspiration. Profits will come directly from the information about customers that a company can obtain and from the speed with which said information can be transformed into strategies that can pinpoint even the most difficult clients.

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