In 2020 and 2021 4wardPRO obtained 6 Advanced Specializations, showing our in-depth knowledge of areas such as: 

  1. Adoption & Change Management, for the competence demonstrated in accompanying clients in the adoption of new technology. 
  2. Calling for Microsoft Teams, thanks to the in-depth knowledge and proven success in deployment and management of Microsoft 365 phone systems. 
  3. Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure, for the ability to guide companies towards migration and optimisation of workloads on Azure. 
  4. Windows Virtual Desktop, for the competence shown in the distribution, scalability, and management of virtual desktop infrastructure security on Azure.  
  5. Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure, for the proven experience in migrating and modernising web application workloads and in managing app services in Azure. 
  6. Threat Protection, for the competence shown in the implementation of Microsoft Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security or Azure Sentinel workloads. 
  7. Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams, for the expertise shown in the distribution of solutions for meetings based on Microsoft Teams. 
  8. Identity and Access Management, for the in-depth knowledge of the distribution of Microsoft Identity with Azure Active Directory workloads. 

The criteria for evaluation of a partner are often based solely on technical skills and sales volumes. The advance specialisations, instead, give a better picture of the skills of the partner since they undergo an audit which verifies how certain projects have been performed and there is an evaluation of the quality of work and client satisfaction. Furthermore, the partner must prove an important turnover for the technologies in question, strong technical skills on an array have technicians and the existence of successful public case studies. Relying on a partner with Advanced Specialization is a further guarantee of reliability, professionalism, and the performance capability of the chosen company. 


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