Consultancy Voucher: Immersion | Transform the Datacenter

What is Transform the Datacenter Immersion?
Microsoft’s Transform the Datacenter Immersion is an in-person facilitated engagement that allows you to take your own journey in understanding how the Microsoft Cloud Platform responds to changing business needs with the power of a hybrid cloud infrastructure.  The pillars of Microsoft’s Transform the Datacenter are

  • Today’s business runs on IT
  • Datacenter without boundaries
  • Cloud innovation everywhere
  • Dynamic application delivery

Allow us to take you and your IT department through three session modules that cover envisioning the Cloud Platform, evolving to a modern datacenter, and finally experiencing and interacting with datacenter solutions in real time.

Immersion Session Information

Through Immersion a trained facilitator will lead you through an interactive discussion of understanding the key tenets of Transforming the Datacenter.  The discussion is broken down into different sessions to address the needs of all levels of your IT organization.
Products covered in Transform the Datacenter Immersion: Windows Server, Microsoft System Center, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Azure.

Envision & Evolve

Transform the Datacenter Immersion begins with sessions designed to create an environment of open discussion and stimulate conversations around the issues you face in the datacenter today.

Investigate and learn how the Microsoft Cloud Platform can positively benefit the way your entire organization functions.

Understand the key tenants of ‘Transform the Datacenter’ and identify opportunities for your datacenter to evolve to a modern datacenter


After Envision and Evolve Immersion provides a hands-on environment with a live pre-configured datacenter where you and up to 30 of your team members can experience Microsoft’s cloud solution first hand. This immersive, instructor-facilitated session allows attendees to delve into 4 Transform the Datacenter experiences:

  • Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure:
    • Transformed Infrastructure Design – Setting up your infrastructure for the private cloud and public cloud consumption
    • VMs, Clouds and Services – Ensuring VM adaptability across environments
  • Service Delivery:
    • Self-Service – Centralize your processes and controls for operational efficiency
    • Automation – Provides a consistent approach to management across clouds with workflow automation
  • Application Management:
    • Application Performance Monitoring – Ensure application health regardless of their location
    • Service Workload Management – Ensure applications have the appropriate resources available to ensure health
  • Business Continuity:
    • High Availability and Disaster Recovery – Ensure continuously available resources and applications
    • Bottomless Storage – Ensure data accessibility regardless of failure

Immersion sessions can be performed all on the same day or on separate days to fit your and your team’s schedule.

Immersion | Transform the Datacenter

Arrange for your 1:1 or 1:N Immersion session, redeem your consultancy voucher by filling the form, you will be contacted soon to schedule an appointment.


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